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Canon Printer ,Accessories & Supplies
Home > Printers & Scanners > Canon Printer ,Accessories & Supplies

canon printers, genuine accessories & supplies
B/W Laser
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B/W Laser

B/W Laser
Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
MF4770N MF4770N $197.32  Add to Basket
MF4890DW MF4890DW $294.64  Add to Basket
MF5950DW MF5950DW $491.07  Add to Basket
Canon Inkjet Printers
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photo printers
Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
PIXMA IP2700 Photo printer 4103B003 IP2700 $58.04  Add to Basket
up to 4800X2400 dpi printing resolution,26ppm black/17ppm color,5 individual Ink tanks, Auto-image fix features, printe 4" X 6" borderless photo in approx. 41 sec. auto photo fix, PictBridge, USB 2.0 Win/Mac
PIXMA IP3600 Photo printer 2868B003-IP3600 $97.32  Add to Basket
Up to 9600X2400 dpi printing resoluton, 1 picoliter droplets,26ppm black/17ppm color, 5 individual ink tanks, auto-image fix features, print 4" X 6" borderless photo in approx.41sec. PictBridge, USB2.0, Win/Mac
MG 3220 MG 3220 $98.21  Add to Basket
MX 452 MX 452 $98.21  Add to Basket
CANON IP3600 COLOR INKJET PRINTER PT-IP3600-CAN $105.35  Add to Basket
Great for printing colored pictures, with its HD printing. iP3600 PIXMA Inkjet Photo Printer, 9600 x 2400dpi Output, Fast (Up to 17ppm) Color Prints, 100 Year Print Life, Borderless Photo Printing, Dual Paper Trays, 5 Individual Ink Tanks, PictBridge Enabled, Energy Star Qualified.
PIXMA IP4700 Photo printer PT-IP4700-CAN $142.85  Add to Basket
UP to 9600X2400 dpi printing resolution,print speed up to 9.2/8.1 images per minute black/color,5 individual ink tanks,1 picolitre droplet, auto duplex, 4" X 6" boorderless print in 20sec. auto photo fix,PictBridge, USB2.0, win/Mac
MG 5420 MG 5420 $148.21  Add to Basket
MX 712 MX 712 $197.32  Add to Basket
MX 992 MX 992 $197.32  Add to Basket
PIXMA IP100 Mobile Photo printer 1446B003- IP100 $302.68  Add to Basket
print up to 9600X2400 dpi, 1 picolitre, 20ppm black/14ppm color, print 4" x 6" borderless photo in approx.50 sec., auto image fix, 2 individual ink tanks, bluetooth adapter (BU-30) optional, USB2.0, PictBridge, IrDA, Win/Mac
PIXMA IP100 Mobile Photo printer w/LK-62 battery 1446B041- IP100KIT $320.54  Add to Basket
same as 1446B041-IP100, this is with LK-62 battery.
MG 8120 MG 8120 $343.75  Add to Basket
PIXMA Pro9000 Photo printer 3295B003-PRO9000M2 $534.82  Add to Basket
Print border-less photo up to 13"X19", 4800X2400 dpi printing resolution,2 picoliters, 8 colors individual ink system, print 8"X10"/11"X14" border-less photo in about 47/83 photo fix,Bundled withCanon Easy-photoPrint Pro,PictBridge, USB2.0,Win/mac
PIXMA Pro9500 Photo printer 3298B003-PRO9500M2 $963.39  Add to Basket
Print border-less photo up to 13"X19", 4800X2400 dpi printing resolution,3 picoliters, 10 colors individual pigment ink system,Auto photo fix, straight paper path, support paper thickness up to 1.2mm(front tray),bundled with Canon Easy-photoprint Pro,adobe Photoshop,Pictbridge,usb2.0, win/Mac
Canon Photo Printer
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Canon Photo Printer

Canon Photo Printer
Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
iP 100 iP 100 $275.00  Add to Basket
PRO-100 PRO-100 $491.07  Add to Basket
PRO-10 PRO-10 $785.71  Add to Basket
Color Laser
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Color Laser

Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
MF8080CW MF8080CW $491.07  Add to Basket
MF9220CDN MF9220CDN $1275.89  Add to Basket
Flat Bed Scanner
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Flat Bed Scanner

Flat Bed Scanner
Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
LiDE 110 LiDE 110 $68.75  Add to Basket
LiDE 210 LiDE 210 $98.21  Add to Basket
Genuine Printer Accesssories
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Canon Genuine printer accessories
Code No. Ex Tax ($) 
BU30 Bluetooth Unit for IP100 2553B002-BU30 $79.46  Add to Basket
PU-200U Automobile Power Unit for IP100 1607B003-PU200U $88.39  Add to Basket
LK-62 Battery kit for IP100 2446B003-LK62 $97.32  Add to Basket
BU10 Bluetooth Unit for IP90/90V 9434A002-BU10 $108.04  Add to Basket
BU20 Bluetooth Unit for IP6210D/6220D/6600D 0689B002-BU20 $111.61  Add to Basket
AD-370U universal adapter for IP90 8414A002-AD370U $117.86  Add to Basket
LB-51 Lithium Ion Battery for IP90/90V 8409A003LB51 $138.39  Add to Basket
PU-100U Automobile Power Unit for IP90/90V 9402A003-PU100U $141.96  Add to Basket
LK-51B Portable kit for IP90/90V 0073B001-LK51B $147.32  Add to Basket
CK-51B Cradle kit for IP90/90V 0074B002-CK51B $195.54  Add to Basket
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